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Singing Forest

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The Forest talkshow with Andreas and Anna (Live, Swedish)

Can you really own the forest?

The forest with its whistling winds through the treetops and high crashes when trees are felled, calls out in a lament, in a cry for help. A cry that will now be amplified through the campaign #SingingForest.

About the song

The forest's echoing cry for help is something the climate justice activist Andreas Magnusson and the artist Anna Vild wants to bring attention to, they want to hear it, listen to it - and create something bigger.

Between May 1 and May 22 2021, theInternational Day for Biological Diversity, the forest’s cry for help will be heard all over the country.

The song is based on lawyer and author Annika Andebark's lyrical manifesto for the book series The Fires and also contains the speech Andreas gave in the Swedish Parliament at the End Ecocide conference on October 10 2020.

FOREST is also available in Swedish under the name SKOGEN.


Both Anna and Andreas are convinced that culture has an important role when it comes to conducting discussions and debates. They therefore want to hear how it sounds when YOUR forest sings?

They encourage everyone who wants and can film the forest they love to spend time in and create their own music video for the song FOREST. The song can be downloaded via the link below and then edited into the footage you create in your phone, from the place you filmed:

  1. Film trees, and or other wildlife in the forest you love to spend time in
  2. Download the song "Forest" here
  3. Edit your video material in a video editor (iPhones iMovie or similar Android options)
  4. Embed the music in the video
  5. Save to your camera roll
  6. Upload to your social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  7. Tag #SingingForest, #SkogenSjunger and #CryForHelp so that more people can see your contribution

Of course Anna and Andreas doesn’t expect everyone to be able to make their own music video. Therefore there are other ways to help:

  1. Take pictures and upload to social media with an included text about the forest you love!
  2. Help the Guardians of our forest’s to keep on with their work!
    1. Donate Money to the Swedish people continuing keeping the ancient “Chalet” tradition alive here
    2. Donate money to the indigenous Sámi people of Sweden here

In addition to this, a number of arranged live conversations via Andreas and Anna's Instagram accounts with climate activists and forest lovers will take place during these 22 days of singing for the forest in May.


There was a time

when the Gods of greed had not yet triumphed.

In secrecy, nature was revered.
Man and animals lived in harmony.
They understood each other and helped each other in communion with water and forests.

The church organised and they accepted.
In the hidden, women managed healing knowledge and magic,
as protection against bad harvest, goddess of forests and the wolf.

The forest was owned by no one
It was shared by all
Everyone took what they needed
no more no less.
Cattle and cows were herded in chalets and hill farms

In forests without borders and ownership.

Annika Andebark - THE FIRES



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